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Kingswood - Day 2

All of the children are happy and have had a wonderful day. After a good night's sleep for everyone, the day began with a wake up call at 7.00am. Breakfast included a selection of cereals followed by a cooked breakfast and toast. Following breakfast, dorm inspection was very impressive with two rooms scoring nine and a half out of ten and the lowest score being seven out of ten ( No doubt the children will keep this up when they return home!).

Today's activities included canoeing, drum beat, nightline, laser quest, aeroball, zipline and bushcraft.

Lunch included fish fingers and chips and the evening meal was a choice of curry or sausage roll followed by a choc ice. Plenty of food to re-charge the batteries!

The children are now busy singing (sweetly!!) around the campfire with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate.

More news tomorrow evening...