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The Subject Leader for Geography is Mrs. Janson


Geography at Underwood School concentrates on the acquisition of basic geographical knowledge and skills. The children use the local environment to discover differences between places, developing geographical language and skills such as map-making. The children undertake lots of field trips throughout all Key Stages, including a residential week in Derbyshire when they are in Year 4.


Teaching for every child
Key Stage 1


Children learn to use geographical skills, and resources including maps and plans, to find out about places:
* where features are located (for example, shops, bus stops, streams and trees)
* how and why features change (for example, heavy rain causing floods)
* how to care for the environment.


At this age they do this through their study of:
* the immediate neighbourhood of the school and the school's own buildings and grounds
· a similar-sized area, either in the UK or overseas, that is different from the area in and around their school.


Teaching for every child

Key Stage 2


Children learn to use geographical skills to find out about different places, physical and human features in the environment, changing environments and the ways people and the environment affect each other. They do this through their study of places:
* a small area in the UK
* a similar-sized area in a less economically developed country, such as a country in Africa or South America


and themes:

* water - how it affects landscapes and people
* how settlements like towns and villages are different from each other, and how they change
· how and why environments change and how we try to manage them.