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Welcome to Chestnut Class

We are Reception (F2) children




Here are the members of staff you will see in the Chestnut Class


                                             Mrs Janson- Class Teacher        


                                         Mrs Gregory-Teaching Partner    Mrs Millership-Teaching Partner           




Summer 1: People Who Help Us


This term we will be exploring the people who help us in our lives. We will answer the questions; Who keeps us safe? Who keeps us healthy? Who provides our food? Through our play based provision we will talk about these important people and find out about their roles. 


Our Christian Value this term is DETERMINATION.

Spring 2: Creepy Crawlies and Amazing Animals



Our Christian Value this term is FORGIVENESS. 

A great first week back!

Spring 1: Fantasy and Fairytales


This term we will be looking at fantasy worlds and fairytales. We will begin with the story of Jack and the beanstalk before looking at other tales. We will also read alternative versions of some of our favourite stories. Through our learning about Jack and the Beanstalk we will begin discussions about growing. We will observe the growth of our spring bulbs in the garden and grow some of our own broad beans in the classroom, thinking about what they need to grow healthy and strong. We will then move onto to looking at Superheroes though the story of Supertato. We will learn about healthy food choices linked to our work on growing and also begin to look at the season of Spring. In the finally few weeks of the term we will explore the world of the dinosaurs, delving into the past and thinking about what the earth may have been like when the dinosaurs roamed!  


Our Christian Value this term is HONESTY. 

Autumn 2: Winter Wonderland and Celebrations


This term we are exploring the season of Winter. We will look at changing materials in particular freezing and melting linked to the weather and the wider world. The story of Stickman will help us talk about the changing seasons and how they differ. In Celebrations we will explore Remembrance Sunday, Bonfire Night, Diwali and of course Christmas. We will finish the term learning the Nativity Story. 


Our Christian Value this term is RESPECT. 

It's Christmas!!!

Fun in the Snow and Ice! 

Autumn 1: Marvellous Me


During our first term at school we will be getting to know each other and learning about what makes us special and unique. As part of this topic we have talked about our families and who lives in our home with us! We have also thought about our new school and classroom, setting the expectations and embracing the school rule of being 'Ready, Respectful, Safe.'


Our Christian Value this term is KINDNESS.

Welcome Service

We had a wonderful time at our Welcome Service. We performed some songs and talked about what we enjoy doing at school. At the end, Rev. Stevenson presented us with our own Bible and Prayer book to keep! 

A Day in the Life of Chestnut Class!

We had an amazing first day at 'Big School' and enjoyed making new friends. 

Summer Term: People who help us!

To start our Summer Term the children will be learning about the different people in our homes, school and community who help us. We will be learning about people who keep us safe, people who help us to stay healthy and people who help us to have food. We will be reading lots of non-fiction books on this topic and also 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French. 


After half term we will move onto learning about the summer and holidays. We will start by learning all about where in the world people might go on holiday by looking at non-fiction texts and map books. We will also be looking at seaside holidays from the past and present and learning about how they are similar and different. We are also excited to learn all about the different creatures that live under the sea.





We made our very own fire engine and then role played being a firefighter!

Our exciting visit from a Firefighter

Our Learning Environment

Autumn 2: Magical Winter Wonderland!


This half term our new topic will be 'Magical Winter Wonderland'. We will start by learning all about the history of bonfire night and why we celebrate with fireworks. We will also be learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali and moving onto Christmas, learning about family traditions and how Christmas is celebrated around the world.    



Fairy Tale/Fantasy Day - Baking, decorating and eating Gingerbread Men, Building houses that the big bad wolf can't blow down and lots of fun!

Mrs Doyle visited Chestnut Class to tell us what a Christmas in Mexico looked like.

We had an amazing time visiting Mansfield Museum for our very first trip! We went on a tour of the museum and played a treasure hunt game looking for hidden toys. We learnt about old and new toys and the best part was getting to have a go playing with all the toys! 

Exploring our Classroom and Outdoor Area

Phonics Sounds we have learnt in Autumn 1