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Welcome to Chestnut Class
We are Reception (F2) children

Miss. Sheard teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs. Robbins teaches us on a Thursday and Friday.



Summer 1 - Healthy Foods 

We will be thinking about what we can do to stay healthy and we will be making some yummy healthy snacks.  







Summer 2 - Dinosaurs

We will be learning facts about dinosaurs and reading lots of stories about dinosaurs. What facts do you already know about dinosaurs?











Here are the members of staff you will see in the Chestnut Class...


Miss Sheard - Class Teacher


             Mrs Gregory - Teaching Assistant     Mrs Millership - Teaching Assistant 





Handa's Surprise - Tasting Fruits

Comic Relief Day Fun

Growing Topic - Special Visitors

We are Superheroes!

The day we brought our toys to school!