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Welcome to Chestnut Class
We are Reception (F2) children



Look at us! All smart in our brand new school uniforms! We are the super new Chestnuts and we are ready and raring to go! Our first day was amazing! Take a look at what we got up to...  

Our Fab First Day at Underwood Primary School!

Before the half term holidays, we were lucky enough to have 2 sessions on some balance bikes!! It was amazing and so much fun!

Take a look at our cycle skills...

We have been learning about Bonfire Night in Chestnut Class! We have a Bonfire Food Stall, selling hot dogs, mushy peas, toffee and chocolate apples, bonfire toffee and yummy hot chocolate! We have made our own chocolate apples and have enjoyed eating them whilst watching some fantastic fireworks surprise 

During our 'Toys' topic we got the chance to bring one of our cuddly toys from home and have a Teddy Bears Picnic at School! It was so much fun! We made sandwiches,1 for us and 1 for our teddies. We could choose between jam, honey and chocolate spread! Yummy!! We then had a picnic altogether!

We had a fantastic Fairytale day at school! We dressed up as a fairytale character, did some acting, performing different traditional tales, went on a Gingerbread Man hunt, and decorated out Gingerbread men ready to eat! It was an amazing day!! 

While learning about Easter we have looked, in particular at Palm Sunday, talking about why Jesus was celebrated and why he was the ‘Peoples King’.

We collaged palm leaves and painted pillowcases so we all had a special biblical costume. We then acted out the parade as Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, waving palm  leaves and cheering “Hosanna, Hosanna!”

We also learnt about the different uses of the important palm tree:

You can use the tree as shade in the hot weather; make baskets and ropes from it; feed the leaves to the camels; use the bark as fuel for your fire; eat the fruit from the tree; and there was always water near a palm tree!


We had a Healthy Snack Day in our class! It was brilliant! We got to make healthy snacks in the morning and then enjoyed tasting them all on a picnic in the afternoon!

We made some really yummy snacks! We used a smoothie maker to make different flavoured smoothies, and a blender to make some delicious dips to have with carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks.

We then took our picnic blankets and had a lovely walk to Brinsley Park, ready to enjoy our fabulous healthy snacks. And of course, we had time to play on the trim trail and have a few games with the parachute before heading back to school.

For our topic all about transport we had a very exciting trip to East Midland Airport! After the very exciting coach journey there, we had a walk round the departures and arrivals lounge, then we did some different activities, including making an aeroplane! We then had lots of time in the amazing airport role play, where there was a check-in desk, security section, duty free shop, cafe and real aeroplane seats with lots of different costumes to play in! It was amazing! 

Summer Wedding Fun!

We learnt about what happens at a Christian Wedding and because a wedding sounded so much fun we decided to act it out! We had 2 different weddings! Many congratulations to the happy brides and grooms!!


Fantastique Journée Française!

We had a super fun day! We learnt some different french phrases, played french boules, sung some french songs, did a team competition for building the Eiffel Tower, painted the French flag and tried some yummy french food! We all looked amazing in our red, white and blue outfits! This was a fantastic way to end our first year at Underwood School!