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Welcome to Chestnut Class
We are Reception (F2) children

Miss. Sheard teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs. Robbins teaches us on a Thursday and Friday.


Spring 1 Toys

This term we will be learning about toys from the past and present. Have a chat with your child about the toys that you played with when you were little. What are the similarities/differences?



Spring 1 Superheroes

We will also be reading lots of stories about Superheroes and talking about all the amazing things that they can do. Which Superhero do you like best? 




Spring 1 Chinese New Year

We will be having a Chinese New Year day to learn all about this festival.











Here are the members of staff you will see in the Chestnut Class...


Miss Sheard - Class Teacher


             Mrs Gregory - Teaching Assistant     Mrs Millership - Teaching Assistant 





The day we brought our toys to school!