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The Subject Leader for History is Mrs Sherlock


At Underwood C of E Primary School, we aim to encourage our children to be curious about the past, equipping them with the skills to ask questions, look at evidence, debate and develop perspective. From the Foundation Stage up to Year 6, we cover a broad range of history topics that provide the children with a good understanding of different civilisations and key events over time. We believe it is important to help our children to become aware of how historical events have shaped the world that they live in, and increase their understanding of the present in the context of the past.

Our history lessons help our pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change and the diversity of societies. At Underwood, we believe that pupils should become historical detectives and explore the past in exciting and interactive ways. They should develop knowledge through asking as well as responding to historical questions. This is achieved in a number of ways including; studying the chronology of historical events within each topic area and as a whole, providing the children with the historical vocabulary to use within the context of each lesson, ensuring that we are building into lessons the skills of empathy of people from the past. Also, we believe it is important to develop both the group and independent research skills of pupils.






History Progression Map