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Modern Foreign Languages (French)

The Subject Leader for MFL (French) is Mrs. Ball


At Underwood, French is taught throughout Key Stage Two by the class teacher.


The children are taught the basic building blocks of the language, including grammar and vocabulary, and how to pronounce words and phrases properly. Other language skills they learn include how to listen carefully, how to ask and answer questions, how to start conversations and how to read texts for information.


Children are taught the skills they need to develop their learning: for example, they are taught how to memorise words and phrases and how to use dictionaries effectively. While learning the language, they also learn about the countries and cultures where the language is spoken. They learn to communicate with native speakers of the language and work with many materials.


They practise using the language in different types of situations: for example, talking with other pupils and with the teacher, writing letters and making phone calls, and reading for personal interest as well as for information.