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Important Information

Please ensure that your child comes to school each day with a water bottle, a coat, their PE kit and a book bag. It is really important that you label EVERYTHING! The F2 team will thank you when they are trying to figure out which jumper or pair of shoes belongs to which child when they all look identical!




Reading regularly with your child has astonishing benefits for their learning and well-being by supporting their communication and language, feeding their imagination and developing their reading and writing skills. Providing your child with your time and giving them your full attention can also do wonders for their self-esteem, vocabulary and sleep! 


At Underwood we encourage you to...

  • read a story daily to your child
  • try and listen to them read their Monster Phonics reading book 5 times per week


In turn we will.....

  • listen to your children read their Monster Phonics reading book at least once a week.
  • teach phonics daily through the Monster Phonics program. 
  • read a story to them at the end of each day as well as singing songs and rhymes throughout the day.
  • further develop literacy skills through Drawing Club.