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The Subject Leader for Computing is Mrs. Nayar


Underwood School has worked hard to develop a complement of the most up-to-date computers that the children use regularly to develop their computing skills, as well as supporting all other areas of the curriculum. They use the Internet and e-mail for research and communications. Computing at Underwood is fun!!


Teaching for every child
Key Stage 1


Children learn how to use ICT to find out information, and then to share and exchange it. They become familiar with some hardware and software - for example, learning how to use a word processor and 'paint' software. They store information on computers, present it in different ways, and talk about how ICT can be used both in and out of school.


Teaching for every child
Key Stage 2


Children use a range of ICT tools and information sources, such as computer software and the Internet, to support their work in other subjects. They develop their research and communication skills. They learn that information needs to be accurate and relevant - and that information on the Internet may sometimes be neither. Because of this, they are taught how to check the quality of information, learning how to filter good information from bad, and how to present information in a way that suits the needs of their audience. Children also explore and compare the different ways ICT is used in and out of school.