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We  hope you had a lovely Christmas and we are looking forward to an exciting new half term.


Awesome Egyptians

Our topic this term will be called Awesome Egyptians, where we will travel back in time to learn about how the Egyptians lived thousands of years ago. We will also look very closely at the work of Howard Carter, who found Tutankhamun’s tomb. This will include a visit to Mansfield Museum on Tuesday 4th February.





In geography we will locate areas of the world including rivers, mountains, capital cities, deserts and continents. We will also study why the Nile was so important to the Egyptians.



In art we will look at images from ancient Egypt, considering pattern, stories told through art, the Rosetta stone - and hieroglyphics.



Many of the children have shown a great effort at learning their multiplication and division facts and the majority of children are becoming more fluent and sharp with their tables. Please continue practising on the purple mash site over the next two terms. It is expected by the end of year 4, for children to know these facts fluently so please keep up the hard work, practising with your child at home. We will be focusing on fractions, time, capacity, distances and shape next half term with a big focus on reasoning and solving word problems.


Science/ Computing

During science lessons we will be learning about sound and have a number of interesting investigations planned. In computing the children are going to write their very own computer programs and learn about internet safety.



In R.E. we will be studying Sikhism, which will involve looking at its origins, places of worship, gods and spirituality. We will link this closely to our English work, where we will study festivals and stories.



During music lessons we are going to be listening and evaluating different types of music. We will also be composing some pieces of music as a group.