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We  hope you had a lovely holiday and we are looking forward to the new half term. I would like to congratulate the year 4s on a fantastic week in Hathersage. They learnt a great amount socially and academically. Please view the photos below on our class page.


Our Great Adventure

Our topic this term will be called Our Great Adventure, where we will explore the local area and the Hathersage area.





Some of the mathematics areas to be covered during this half term will be number bonds, addition and subtraction, place value, multiplication and division, time and fractions. We will also be doing some interesting maths investigations to challenge and make the children think. Multiplication tables tests will take place on Friday and will start this week. Maths homework will also be handed out on Fridays and will need to be handed in on Wednesdays.




During science lessons we will be learning about materials, the water cycle and different states of matter.





In R.E. we are going to be looking at Christianity – What is the Trinity? - Understanding our Christian Values -Writing prayers for Harvest-How do Sikhs worship? We will study life in a Sikh family and places of worship.































During music lessons we are going to be listening and evaluating different types of music. We will also be composing some pieces of music as a group. 



During Geography lessons we will look at settlements and maps. We will look at how our local area is similar and different to Hathersage, why people settle in different places and create and use maps.