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We  hope you had a lovely holiday and we are looking forward to the final half term.


Roman Britain

This  half term we will continue to learn about the Romans. We will be making strong links with our English work, where we look at  myths and legends. Also we will be reading a story called across the wall. We will study about why the Romans invaded Britain, what changes they made and why they left 400 years later.


We will investigate mosaics and create our own.




We will be focusing on fractions, data handling, area, capacity, distances and money next half term with a big focus on reasoning and solving word problems. Over the next few weeks we will be assessing multiplication tables, arithmetic and problem solving and reasoning.



During science lessons we will be learning about electricity, the classification of animals, eco systems and the human body. This will include a number of exciting investigations.





In R.E. we are going to continue looking at Hinduism and we will look at some of the Hindu festivals.



During music lessons we are going to be listening and evaluating different types of music. We will also be composing some pieces of music as a group. 



During Geography lessons we'll be looking at maps of different areas of the world. We will look at 4 figure grid referencing and compass bearings. We will study different climates and formulate graphs showing rainfall and temperature.


Brakenhurst Visit

On the 18th July year 3 and 4 will be visiting Brakenhurst Environmental Centre where we learn about eco systems, renewable energy and map work.





Easter Cards

Scarecrow Festival