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Hello, and welcome to Willow Class.



I hope you've all had a fantastic holiday.

I'm looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures.


The homework from all of the children was amazing, thank you for helping them.






This term our topic is the Amazing Egyptians. We will be visiting Mansfield Museum and learning about what life was like during this time.



In English we will be reading the fantastic stories of Egyptian myths and legends. We will also look very closely at the work of Howard Carter, who found Tutankhamun’s tomb.


Some of the mathematics areas to be covered during this half term will be number bonds, addition and subtraction, place value, multiplication and division and time. Multiplication tables tests will take place on Thursdays. Maths homework will also be handed out on Thursdays. 



                                        In Science we will be looking at healthy eating and learning about bones and muscles. 





In R.E. we are going to be thinking about how we can look after the world God created

In R.E. we will be studying Sikhism, which will involve looking at its origins, places of worship, gods and spirituality. We will link this closely to our English work, where we will study festivals and stories.



In Music we will be finding out about Osiris, the god of the dead who was associated with the Egyptian practices of embalming and mummification. Osiris became lord of the underworld, his son Horus became ruler of Egypt. We will be composing music to represent the journey into Osiris' kingdom.

Please pop in and see me if you have any questions at all.


Mrs. Hodgson