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We are so nearly at the end of the Year! The children in Year 3 have worked really hard, particularly in this final term. As part of D.T., we prepared and ate our very own Summer healthy salad. The children were safe and careful with their chopping and most enjoyed their product...take a look at some of our creations below!  


Miss Tombling :D 


Our Amazing World...
I am so excited to be introducing our new and final topic for Year 3: Our Amazing World! The children will be learning how to read a map, use a compass and appreciate the natural beauties in our world. We will also be exploring bigger topics such as Global Warming and Climate Change as part of our science links. I am intrigued to hear the children's thoughts on the human impact on this planet and how we can make small changes in our every day life to save it. The children will also be creating their own maps, using their creative skills and researching a country to encourage tourism there. Here we go...!
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