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Welcome to Hazel Class!

We are the Year Two Children. 


Easter Holidays 

Well done to everyone who has designed their own symmetrical Easter eggs or produced a safari animals fact sheet on PurpleMash this week! You can see all the finished pieces of work on our class display boards by clicking on the 'Sharing' button at the top of the page. 


There is no work set over the two week Easter holidays but don't forget you can still log into PurpleMash, read some stories at home or have a go at a Joe Wicks daily workouts on YouTube! 


We hope you have a lovely Easter, Mrs Nayar and Mrs Brudzinski :) 

Hello children! It has been so lovely to receive some of your photos, showing us some of the super things that you have been doing this week.

Home Learning 

Hello Hazel Class, we hope you have had a good first week at home. Here are your activities for week 2, we have assigned some tasks on PurpleMash this week (if you have access to a computer or iPad) - click on the alert at the top of the page to see each activity. 


If you complete the Safari Animals Fact Sheet on PurpleMash you can choose to save your work to our class display board, this board can only be seen by our class. Instructions explaining how to save your work can be found on the pdf sheet below. Have a good week!

Mrs Nayar and Mrs Brudzinski 


W.C. 30th March 2020

Spell Zoo Set 8

Words with ‘s’ as /zh/

  • Look cover write say
  • Alphabetical order
  • Choose the word
  • Word Jumbles
  • Write your own sentences


  • Spring Maths Activity Booklet p9-14
  • PurpleMash Multiplication Game – click on your alerts!   
  • PurpleMash Easter Egg Mirror Symmetry – click on your alerts!   


  • Spring English Activity Booklet p6-10
  • Verbs Grammar sheet
  • Questions Grammar sheet


  • Safari Animals Fact Sheet – research and write about safari animals. You can present your work as a poster or in your pink exercise books or even as a PurpleMash poster – click on your alerts for the link!


For the first week these are your activities:

W.C. 23rd March 2020

Spell Zoo Set 7  Words with ‘wa’ and ‘qua’ as /o/ and ‘wo’ as /er/

  • Look cover write say
  • Alphabetical order
  • Choose the word
  • Word Jumbles
  • Write your own sentences


  • Spring Maths Activity Booklet p2-8


  • Spring English Activity Booklet p1-5
  • Possessive Apostrophes worksheet
  • Contractions Worksheet

How to save work to our class display board on PurpleMash

Spring 2: Amazing Africa! 

This half term our new topic is Amazing Africa! 

Picture 1

World Book Day 2020!

A visit from Mr. and Mrs Brailsford!

We were all so excited in Hazel class this week because we had a visit from Mr and Mrs Brailsford. First of all Mr Brailsford spoke to us all about his role as a matron in nursing and then we all took part in an exciting role play scenario. We learnt about what we needed to do in an emergency and we even managed to get Mrs Brudzinski to pretend to be the casualty! We all had so much fun acting out an emergency situation; learning lots of new facts in the process. Afterwards Mr Brailsford spoke about where the different organs are situated in our body and we even had a look at some real x-rays. Thank you so much- we had a fantastic time. 

Hazel Class were incredibly lucky because we had a visit from Leanne the nurse. She came into school with lots of equipment to share with us all; we had so much fun trying on lots of nurses outfits and learning how the different  equipment works. Leanne answered lots of questions about her 'life as a nurse'; showing us what a kind nurse she is. Thank you so much Leanne for coming into visit us- we had a fantastic morning!

Our visit from Leanne the nurse!

Spring 1: A Marvellous Medicine! 

Welcome back, we hope you've had a wonderful Christmas holidays and are ready for a new

term and an exciting topic! This half term our topic work will be based on Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine. We will be learning about the famous nurses Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell, understanding why they are important people from the past and how they helped to make improvements to medicine that still impact our lives today. 


As part of our topic work in Design and Technology, Science and Maths we will be learning about healthy foods and researching, planning and making our own healthy smoothies. We will be researching the favourite smoothie flavours in Hazel Class and using our data to create graphs and tally charts. 

Picture 1

Autumn 2: Who Dunnit? 

This half term we will become detectives and will be investigating a crime scene in our classroom! We will be learning about how detectives gather clues and evidence including finger prints and writing Police reports. In our topic work we will be learning about the Gunpowder Plot and the infamous Guy Fawkes and in Art we will be creating our own photo-fit self-portraits.

Picture 1

Our Police Visit from Sgt Cook

We were so lucky in Hazel class because we had a fantastic visit from Sgt Cook the policeman. He answered lots of questions that we asked him about his life as a policeman and he brought in lots of special police equipment to show us- we were even allowed to try on the different police hats! One of the most exciting parts of the morning was when we went onto the playground to look inside the real police van. Thank you so much Sgt Cook- we had a wonderful morning learning all about how a police officer helps other people. 

Autumn 1: Pumpkin Soup Cafe

We begin the year with our first topic 'Pumpkin Soup Cafe' inspired by the Pumpkin Soup stories written by Helen Cooper. As part of our work we will be opening our very own Hazel Class Pumpkin Soup Cafe, designing and making our own soups. We will be writing invitations, menus and recipes. We will be learning about how food is farmed and celebrating harvest with our church festival. 

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 1

Our visit to Chatsworth Farm and Gardens

On Thursday 3rd October we visited Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. We had a wonderful visit to the Farm Yard where we saw horses, chickens, cows, sheep, donkeys and even Mrs Nayar's favourite animal, guinea pigs!


We met Nicola who works at Chatsworth, who told us all about the different fruit and vegetables grown on the estate. We planted our own seeds, which we have brought back to school to water and (hopefully!) watch them grow. We also visited the kitchen garden and saw lots of different fruits and vegetables. The gardener told us about the different pumpkins, courgettes and squash he grows, which are all part of the gourd family. We were kindly given some purple and orange carrots and a pumpkin to bring back to school. 


We also really enjoyed exploring the amazing adventure playground! 

Our Pumpkin Soup Cafe

On October 15th we were incredibly excited to open our Pumpkin Soup Cafe! The children worked so hard tasting, planning and finally making their own Pumpkin Soup. The three delicious flavours were 'pumpkin and coconut', ' pumpkin and apple' and 'pumpkin, carrot and coriander'. The children enjoyed being waiters and waitresses for the event, and we had some wonderful feedback from the grown-ups that were able to  join us. 

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