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The Subject Leader for mathematics is Mr. Wise


Mathematics is generally taught as a distinct subject in line with the 2014 National Curriculum. Therefore each class has a one hour Numeracy lesson every day. However, whenever possible, cross-curricular links are developed to integrate mathematical activities into other subjects. To support the teaching and learning of Mathematics, we use the Abacus Evolve scheme, supplemented by other materials.


Through our teaching, we give the children opportunities:

  • to work individually, raising their own questions and developing their own strategies to solve problems.
  • to work collaboratively – structuring their own ideas through discussion with a partner or small group.
  • to work in ability groups with differentiated tasks
  • to practise mental skills, including counting, rapid recall, newly learned facts and calculation strategies.
  • to solve problems, see patterns, make predictions, present information clearly and interpret data.
  • to give oral explanations of their strategies and methods using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.
  • to use ICT, when appropriate, to increase their understanding and to help solve more complex problems and investigations


High emphasis is placed upon mental and written calculation, problem solving and investigative work.


We encourage parents to support their child’s learning by:

  • Helping them to achieve targets set by the class teacher.
  • Supporting them with their homework.
  • Helping them to learn the multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4.
  • Providing their child with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills through everyday experiences.