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Boggle Hole 2022

Day 1

We arrived at Boggle Hole at around about 12:15, after a smooth journey. The children then made their way down to the hostel and put their suitcases away. After lunch, the children changed into their wellies and met George, who will be leading our activities all week. We had a chat about different fossils, their names and their appearance. We then headed to the beach for a fossil hunting activity which the children engaged with brilliantly. Most, if not all children found a fossil to bring home but the overall buzz whilst on the beach was lovely. The children headed up to their rooms to unpack and get themselves ready for dinner. Dinner was a choice between mac and cheese, pizza and chips or a jacket potato. Afterwards, the children had the chance to choose 4 pebbled and paint them with different designs. They really enjoyed this! They then headed back to their rooms to start settling down before bedtime. A great first day…we are looking forward to what happens next! 

Day 2

Today, the children got themselves ready and headed down to breakfast for half past 8. Afterwards, they changed into sensible footwear ready for a walk to Robin Hood Bay. The views were amazing and the children’s reactions to it were lovely. Once we arrived there, the children followed a map to find the parts of the bay that matched a set of photos. The sub activity involved being able to smuggle sweets between their group without their “customs officer” (member of staff) catching them. The children engaged fantastically with this activity! Next, the children had the opportunity to spend some of their money - mainly on ice creams and a selection of sweet treats. Once we had walked back to the hostel, we had a picnic lunch and time to pause. In the afternoon, the children competed in the ultimate sand castle/sculpture competition. As you can see from the images, the children came up with some brilliant and original ideas! Dinner was a choice between sausage and mash or jacket potato. The final part of the day involved the children sitting around a fire pit - singing songs, telling stories and toasting marshmallows. Another brilliant day!

Day 3

After breakfast, the children listened to a presentation about The Green Man and its history. They then had the opportunity to design their own Green Man, before heading into the woods and having the opportunity to create their Green Man in groups. They used natural clay, foliage, twigs and acorns to produce their creations. All the children got fully stuck in (despite the rain),  getting hands dirty and being an active part of their group. After this, the children has time to wash hands before lunch. Post lunchtime, the children embarked on a circular walk, taking them through a ford, up some steep slopes and having time in a play park! Parts of this walk were a challenge and the children rose to these brilliantly! Once we were back, there was time for showers and then dinner - which was a choice between jacket potato, vegetable pasta or pasta bolognese. Our final activity was watching ‘Sing!’ as a chilled movie night. Another fab day…looking forward to the final full day tomorrow! 

Day 4

What a fab final full day! The children slept well and headed down to breakfast. The first activity started earlier than usual and we headed to the beach for our ‘Seashore Safari.’ The children explored rock pools, looking for different crabs, fish and sea urchins. They loved this and worked well either as individuals or groups. As the tide came in, we moved across to a sandier part of the beach, where the children created rock towers. These reached great heights and the teamwork was lovely to see. The children headed back over the cliff path and ate their lunch. Afterwards, they headed into the woods again to partake in a carousel of activities: a mud kitchen, potion making, foliage weaving, boat building and boggle house building. Again, the children engaged with this with enthusiasm and without hesitation. After changing and showers, it was dinner. The choice was jacket potato or burgers. Finally, the children got changed into their pirate costumes and had a brilliant time dancing, singing and playing games, thanks to our awesome leader - George. We are sad to be heading home tomorrow but look forward to our final activity…