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Kingswood Colomendy - Day 4

Good evening Underwood,


All is well here in Wales and the children have enjoyed another wonderful day. After a long sleep, the children got up at 7.00am and had another delicious breakfast. Dorm inspection was even better than yesterday with the lowest score being 9 / 10 and several rooms receiving full marks - there's no excuse for messy bedrooms back at home!


Activities today included the Leap of Faith, Nightline, Caving, Fencing and Obstacle Challenge. Many of the children faced their fear of heights when tackling the Leap of Faith activity and we were very proud of them. All of the children  demonstrated great teamwork and perseverance when tackling the Nightline and Obstacle Challenge activities.


After a visit to the shop this evening, we decided to finish watching the movie rather that taking part in the Night Walk. The children then had a shower before crawling into bed. Lights were out by 9.30pm with quite a few children falling fast asleep immediately after their shower, even before lights out.


There are two more activities to take part in tomorrow morning and then, after lunch, we will be heading home.


See you all soon.


Good night Underwood!