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Hathersage - Day 4

Good evening everyone,


All is well and we've had another wonderful day. After breakfast, we set off for the station where we took the train to Grindleford. We then walked to Padley Chapel where one of the local guides told us about the history of the chapel and we played a game of 'priests and guards.' Next, we made our way up the incline plane and watched some rock climbers as we ate our lunch.


After lunch, we walked past Surprise View to a woodland, where we worked in small groups to make some woodland art before walking back to Hathersage.


We had our tea at The Little John and then had a film night this evening, watching a Scooby Doo film.


Tomorrow, we will be visiting Treak Cliff Cavern before returning home. We will see you all soon.


Good night everyone!