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Celebrating World Book Day 2021

Underwood celebrated World Book Day at both home and school. Take a look at the wonderful costumes and the unusual places the children chose to read. More photographs will be uploaded shortly on the class pages.


The answers to the Who's Who quiz:

1. Mr. Lindsey-Hill

2. Mrs. Evans

3. Mrs. Wilson

4. Mrs. Bingham

5. Mrs. Ball

6. Mrs. Bamforth

7. Mr. Wise

8. Miss Sheard

9. Mrs. Salmon

10. Mrs. Brudzinski

11. Mr. Adcock

12. Mrs. Nayer

13. Mr. Wilson

14. Mrs. Raynor

15. Mrs. Eves

16. Mrs. Gregory

17. Miss Middleton

18. Miss Carver

19. Mrs. Sinfield

20. Mrs. Enever

21. Miss Tombling

22. Miss Hope

23. Mrs. Denman

24. Mrs. Worrall