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Hathersage - Day 2

Good evening Underwood,


What a beautiful day here in Hathersage! Everyone is safe and well. After a good night's sleep, the children woke up to a lovely breakfast. Today's activities included orienteering and a river study. The children proved to be very skilful on the orienteering course and they certainly got plenty of exercise. Whilst pond dipping in the river, we saw some amazing crayfish - they were enormous. Good job we had our wellies on otherwise they may have nibbled our toes! 


We had our tea out at the Little John and then this evening we had an amazing talent show. The judges found it very hard to decide upon the winner - we'll let you know the outcome when we return!


The children are back in bed now and are fast asleep, looking forward to the visit to Eyam tomorrow.


Sleep well everyone - more news tomorrow night.