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Hathersage 2022

Day 1


We set off from school in the pouring rain this morning and arrived in Hathersage around 10am. When we arrived we met Emma, our leader for today. She showed us around St Michaels and we found our dormitories where the children made their beds. We had lunch and then we headed out for our afternoon activities. The children took part in some orienteering and river studies which were great fun. It was fantastic to see such great teamwork going on in a new environment as well as learning how to read a map. We then headed back to St Michaels and had some free time to unpack, played some games and socialised together. 

Dinner was lasagne this evening and we had apple crumble for pudding which was yummy! We then headed out for a night walk and had the chance to do some bat spotting using bat detectors. It was a great experience for everyone using flashlights. 

What a super first day, time for a good nights sleep ready for another busy fun filled day tomorrow ! 

Day 2


This morning we got up and had breakfast- we had hash browns, bacon and tomatoes -yummy! We then got ready and put our waterproofs and walking boots on ready to head out to the train station. We caught the train to Grindleford and took a walk up to the Padley Chapel and explored the ruins and learnt about the catholic priests. The children used a map to work out the different parts of the house which they did really well! 


We then did a bit more walking and played hide and seek in the woods! We also challenged ourselves to walk up a huge incline plane!! The children showed such determination to get themselves up to top! Next, we headed to the Bole Hill Quarry where we sat and ate lunch and then did some fun den building in the woods!  We got caught in a huge hailstorm walking back so we all had warm showers before dinner. 


Dinner this evening was burgers, chicken and jacket potatoes. The children had an evening of free time which included playing games and watching a movie! 

An exciting last day ahead tomorrow…

Day 3


This morning, we woke up and had breakfast- it was croissants and pain au chocolat today which were so tasty! The children then stripped their beds and packed their suitcases. 


We then had a camp fire led by Ian, our leader which was a lovely time for the children to talk about what they had enjoyed most about the trip. They also toasted some marshmallows which were enjoyed by all!! 


Afterwards, we got on the coach and headed for Eyam. When we arrived we had a very interesting talk all about the history of Eyam and the plague. The children found this very interesting and asked some super questions. We then walked through the village and fields waving to a few sheep along the way to find The Boundary Stone. The children learnt that the stone was where the residents of Eyam could leave money in exchange for goods during the plague. The six holes were believed to be where coins were in place for trade during quarantine. We had lunch at this point before heading to Eyam museum. The children were given some questions to answer which further enhanced their understanding about the history of Eyam. They also enjoyed buying some souvenirs in the shop.


We then got back on the coach and headed back to school. What a fantastic few days!