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Sports Premium

Underwood Church of England Primary School
Use and Impact of Sports Premium


(September 2016)
For 2015 – 2016 academic year, our allocation was £8800 

Actual Expenditure:

Item Expenditure
Specialist P.E. Teaching Assistant  £3673.00
Participation in Ashfield and Eastwood Sports Networks  £725.00
Transport/ staffing for festivals and competitions + Management time  £240.00
Extra-Curricular Sports Coaches  £4041.29
Sports Equipment  £116.35
Staff Training  £180.00
Total  £8975.64



  • Improved staff confidence in teaching of high quality Physical Education lessons, as indicated by discussions between staff and PE leader/ Senior Leadership.


  • Maintaining an extremely high percentage of pupils participating in extra-curricular sporting activities.

( ) = 2015 data


In Key Stage 1 -  88% (71%) of the children attended at least one extra-curricular sports club.

In Key Stage 2 -  87% (92%) of the  children attended at least one extra-curricular sports club.

Overall - 87% (87%) of pupils attended at least one extra-curricular sports clubs.

Year 6 have continued to lead cardio kids sessions.


  • An overall increase in the amount of pupils participating in inter-schools and intra-school competitions and festivals.
  • ( ) = 2015 data


In Key Stage 1 - 63% (65%) of pupils participated in at least one sports competition or festival.

In Key Stage 2 - 85% (73% %) of pupils participated in at least one sports competition or festival.

Overall  78% (70%) pupils participated in at least one sports competition or festival.


Our school participated in 31 events organized by the Ashfield Sports network, 3 events organized by the Eastwood District Sports Association and several inter-school football matches. In addition, there have been a few informal matches organized separately by school staff in sports such as tennis and table tennis.


  • Improved resources for the teaching of PE sessions and the running of extra-curricular activities.


Purchases have been made to supplement the sports equipment - Tennis balls and playground equipment.


  • Strong links are developing with external sports clubs to encourage pupils to participate in sport beyond school


School has links with Underwood Villa Football Club, Hucknall Basketball Club, Ashfield Rugby Club, Ashfield Hockey Club, Eastwood Tennis Club and Believe Dance Academy.




Underwood finished third out of thirty five schools in the Ashfield Sports Network medal table.


Year 3 / 4 Indoor Athletics            Selston Area winners

                   Ashfield Champions

                                                           Nottinghamshire County Runners-Up


Year 5 / 6 Indoor Athletics           Selston Area winners


Year 3 / 4 Indoor Tennis               Selston Area winners

                                                          Ashfield Champions

                                                          Nottinghamshire County champions


Year 5 / 6 Indoor Tennis                Selston Area winners

                                                           Ashfield District Champions

                                                           Nottinghamshire County Runners-Up


Year 5 / 6 Table Tennis                  Ashfield District Champions (A team)

                                                           Ashfield District Runners-Up (B team)


Year 5/ 6 Kwik Cricket                    Ashfield District Champions


Year 3 / 4 Football                          Ashfield Shield Champions


Year 5 / 6 Football                          Semi –Finalist Eastwood Cup


Year 5 / 6 Cross-Country               Qualified for County Finals


Year 3 / 4 Cross-Country               Selston Area Winners (Boys)

                                                           Selston Area Runners-Up (Girls)


Year 1 / 2 Cross-Country               Selston Area Winners (Boys)

                                                           Selston Area Runners-Up (Girls)


Year 5 / 6 Tag Rugby                       Area runners up


Year 5 / 6 Rounders                       Selston Area Winners


Intended Use of Sports Premium 2016– 2017


The initial allocation of Sports Premium for 2015 – 2016 is approximately £8800


The Sports Premium will be used:


To employ a specialist PE teaching assistant one day per week to:

  • Teach PE lessons whilst providing professional development for other members of staff.
  • Train and lead a group of Year 6 pupils as Sports Leaders
  • Lead extra-curricular after-school clubs
  • Lead cardio kids sessions
  • Promote and monitor inclusion of all pupils in sporting activity across the school


To participate in the Ashfield Sports Network which will:

  • Provide a School Sports Co-ordinator linked to the Selston High School family of schools.
  • Allow access to a wide range of inter-school sports festivals and competitions.
  • Allow access to free professional development opportunities for school staff.


To engage staff in professional development courses run by external providers.


To engage the services of Sports coaches to enhance the quality of our provision for Physical Education and extra-curricular sports activities and clubs


To provide transport to sporting events for large groups of pupils


To purchase additional sports equipment.