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Welcome to Hazel Class!

We are the Year Two Children. 


Summer 2: Eeny-Meany Mini-Beasts!

Our final topic for this year is all about Mini-Beasts, we shall be going on mini-beast hunts in our school grounds, writing non-chronological reports and poems about min-beasts. For our design and technology project this half term we will be researching and making our own mini-beast pop-up books. 


Summer 1: David & Goliath and other Superheroes!

Last half term our topic was David & Goliath and other Superheroes! We enjoyed writing our own Traction Man stories and learning about famous 'superheroes' from the past. 

An Island Home Spring 2

Our topic during Spring 2 was an 'An Island Home', we really enjoyed reading the stories of Katie Morag written by Mairi Hedderwick, about a girl who lives on the remote Scottish Island of Struay. 



We enjoyed researching, planning, baking and eating Scottish shortbread! 


Pancake Fractions!

We were learning about fractions on Pancake day ... so we decorated our pancakes with different toppings to show 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4. We really enjoyed making the fractions using our favourite toppings and eating them at the end of the lesson! 

Easter Celebrations

During our R.E. lessons we learnt about the Easter story through role-play, we also acted out the last supper and thought about what it may have been like to be at the last supper with Jesus. Here are some of our photos...

Scottish Topic Day

We really enjoyed our topic day with Year One, we cooked porridge, learnt about the Loch Ness Monster, wove our own tartan and did some traditional Scottish dancing. 

Spring 1: Frozen 

During Spring 1 our topic was 'Frozen'. We began our topic finding lots of marshmallows, ice cubes and sugar cubes on our tables. Mrs Nayar asked us to build igloos using the different materials. We found the sugar cubes made the best igloos!


We even found penguin footprints leading to our class book 'Penguin's Progress'. 


Later we found a bag with clues in it ...




Inside we found two maps, a clock, old boots, goggles, a picture of some dogs, a ship and a man wearing very warm clothing. We also found an poster advertising a very 'hazardous journey'. At the end of the morning we wrote about what we had found in our classroom and made predictions about who the bag might belong to. 


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Polar Explorer Day! 

We really enjoyed our Polar Explorer Day with the Year one children! We came to school in some fantastic polar explorer outfits and spent the day making high energy explorer rocky road snacks, investigating melting ice pops, made polar animals using a range of materials and explored a 'polar region' by answering clues and looking at a map around our school grounds.  Take a look at some of our photos ... 

Inuit Art

Inuits are the people of the Arctic. Inuits are known in some countries as Eskimos. Inuit means ‘The People’, in their language, 150,000 Inuits inhabit the Arctic. They live in Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Russia. The traditional language is Inuktitut. English and French are now also spoken. Inukshuk means "likeness of a person" in Inuktitut (the Inuit language) and is a pile of stones arranged into the shape of a human being. They are sometimes seen as representing the strength and determination of the Inuit people, who live in one of the Earth's harshest climates.  

We made our own Inukshuk sculptures using blocks of wood and created our own paintings. 

Autumn 2: The Great Fire of London



We really enjoyed learning about where and how the fire started and how it changed London forever.






Our Art Project: Kandinksy

We learnt about the Russian artist Kandinksy. We designed and made our own printed cotton bags inspired by Kandinsky's "Several Circles" and "Squares with Concentric Circles" pieces of art. 









Autumn 1 2016

Our first topic of Year Two was Destination Outer Space!



We will learnt about the history of space travel, how to become an astronaut and what it is like to visit space. 




Designing and Making our own Lunar Rovers

In our Design and Technology lessons we will be designed and made our own lunar rovers. Here are some photographs of our work! 



The children will be given weekly spelling and mathematics homework. Homework will be given out every Friday and will be due in the following Thursday. Finished homework can be left in the homework trays at the front of our classroom at anytime throughout the week. 


Spelling homework: these are linked to the spelling patterns we will be learning in our daily grammar and punctuation and phonics sessions. The children will be asked to write one sentence per spelling, using their best handwriting and checking they have spelt the word correctly. The children should make sure they learn their spellings for the test on Thursday.


Mathematics homework: this will be linked to last week's maths lessons to recap and practice the skills we are been learning. 


If you have any questions about homework please ask. 

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