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We  hope you had a lovely Christmas and we would like to wish you a happy New Year. 


Ancient Greece

This term we will be going back in time to learn about the Ancient Greeks. We will be making strong links with our English work, where we look at Greek myths and legends. We will study about democracy, The Spartans, The Athenians, war fare, the battle of Marathon.


We will investigate Greek designs and how their pottery told us about Greek life. During IT we will be designing 3D computer games about Theseus and the Minotaur.




We will be focusing on fractions, time, capacity, distances and money next half term with a big focus on reasoning and solving word problems.



During science lessons we will be learning about sound. This will include a number of exciting investigations.



In R.E. we are going to be looking at Hinduism in more depth and we will be having a Hinduism day on Tuesday 29th January. During the day, the children will learn some Indian dancing, create some Rangoli patterns, listen to stories about Hindu festivals and challenge stereo types.






During music lessons we are going to be listening and evaluating different types of music. We will also be composing some pieces of music as a group. 





During French lessons we will be learning language linked to school.