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Our M.U.G.A- 10th February 2016

Have you wondered why we now have the MUGA (multi use games area)? Well we use it to do exciting P.E without getting injured or hurt.

Isabelle in year 3 stated:

‘I think it’s really good to do football and other sports on.’

Olivia in year 3 added:

‘It’s cool because children can practise P.E skills on it.’

Lily also in year 3 exclaimed: ‘

It’s good because when you do P.E you don’t get hurt if you fall over.’

The purpose of the MUGA is for doing sports on such as


  • Football

  • Basket ball

  • Hockey


Everyone at Underwood feels very happy about the lottery funded MUGA and they are very pleased that they get the opportunity to play on it         


By Celise and Emily



PLAYGROUND BUDDIES- 10th February 2016

This term our Playground Buddies have been amazing. What are Playground Buddies? Playground Buddies are a friendly group of students who each have a set day to work. On their day (which they share with another pupil) they wear a yellow tabard and go outside. Whilst outside, the Playground Buddies sort out problems or arguments and make sure that all children are playing nicely. If there are no problems they will start a game and involve anyone that wants to play.


Elisa (a Playground Buddy) said:

“I love to sort out problems when I’m needed and play the game Boomeracka.”


Emmie stated:

“People can share their feelings with us (playground buddies) to make them feel much better. I like being part of this.”


Playground Buddies do an enormous job and the school would struggle without them as the make playtimes fun and problem free.


By Michaela Barrett

Children in Need - Wednesday 02 December 2015

Children in Need
By Libby

On Friday 14th November Underwood School sold delicious cakes to raise money for Children in Need. Year 6 ran the cake stalls and managed to sell an estimated 150 cakes!


Riley S stated: 'I loved eating the amazing cakes they were all so yummy!'


Underwood raised a staggering two hundred and sixty five pounds alone for the children In Need charity.


Katie-Mae also loved eating the cakes but more importantly stated: 'I loved raising money for the charity'.


The children not only ate cakes and sold them but they had a non-uniform day and enjoyed learning more about the Children in Need charity in their class rooms.


Tom S said: 'I loved the cakes so much I couldn't stay away from them'.


Charlie W added: 'I liked to raise so much money for such a special charity'.


But it wasn't the Children In Need charity that came up with this amazing idea'. Underwood's very own School Council came up with the idea of selling cakes and they arranged when to sell them too.


Elisa B, a member of the School Council stated: 'I knew everyone would love a good treat at school and non-uniform days are great fun.'


Our Amazing Harvest Festival - Wednesday 18 November 2015

Our Amazing Harvest Festival

By Celise


On Friday 2nd October, 9:30-10:30 our Harvest Festival took place at St Michael's Church, Underwood. We wanted to celebrate harvest and to donate food to people who don't have much food. All of our parents came to watch us perform and sing harvest songs with us.


A very confident pupil at our school, Libby came to the harvest festival with her class and stated 'I loved the harvest festival, you get to celebrate and give food to people in need. What could help the people in need more than giving them food to eat?' Many more people agreed on this comment made by Libby.


The year Rs, year 1s and year 2s did an excellent performance to the audience. It was called 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'. Every one enjoyed taking part in the performance as it was a lot of fun.


Overall, this Harvest festival was one of the best ones we have ever had. Next year, we will be holding another one, so if you would like to come along and celebrate with us you would be very welcome. This event takes place at St. Michael's Church in Underwood.


Ashfield District Cross Country Race - Thursday 11 June 2015

Ashfield District Cross Country Race
By Cassie, Mackenzie and Esme

On the 29th of April 2015 Underwood Primary School attended the cross country competition. They finished in 6th place out of more than 10 schools! We were so pleased with this result. Esme stated,


''It was a very competitive event and it was tricky too although I came 7th place out of 180 in the girls race and I was very pleased with the effort I put into it''.


Well done to everyone involved, you all did your very best!


Yr 5 and 6 Cross Country - Thursday 23 October 2014

Yr 5 and 6 Cross Country
By By Esme and Emily A.

On Thursday 9th October 2014 Class 5 and 6 of Underwood Primary School, travelled to the Ashfield District Cross Country Competition. All of the children thought it was a successful event.


Emily Cawkwell from Year 6 thought the school did well as a team. Emily as an individual did very well and got 15th out of 100! In the race, Taylor from year five thought he did a successful run and he would love to compete again. He came 104th out of 150. He explained that it was extremely hard race as other schools were very good. Overall the girls and boys, from Underwood, both came 5th out of 12 schools. They are all excited about next year's event!