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Hathersage 2021 Year

Hathersage 2021 Year 5 Day 2

Today we caught the train to Grindleford, where we visited Padley Chapel and learnt about the Padley Martyrs.

After playing priests and guards( hide and seek), we climbed the steep incline plane which was part of a quarry one hundred years ago. For lunch, we sat at an old quarry, which had magnificent views. Finally we produced some woodland art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy before heading back to St Michael's. 

Padley Gorge

Hathersage November 2021 - Year 5


We arrived safely in Hathersage and have had a fantastic day. Thankfully, the weather has been bright although a little chilly.  The children have successfully completed the orienteering course at Brookfield Mannor and explored Hood Brook, looking for  tiny creatures. After lasagne  and apple crumble for tea we went on a night walk and with clear skies and the light of the near full moon we observed the stars.