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Coronavirus Information


Useful Information for Parents and Carers


In this section, we aim to provide you with the latest information regarding the coronavirus and its impact on our school community. We have also included below some of the letters and resources which have been sent out to you, together with other resources which you may find useful.


For general public information about the Coronavirus, please follow this link:


The Department for Education has produced an information document for parents called

‘What parents and carers need to know about schools and other education settings during the coronavirus outbreak.


This can be found on the following link:


If your child or anyone in your household shows any signs of the Coronavirus, please read and follow the information within these links:


Medical Conditions

Before your child returns to school, it is very important for the safety of your child and your wider family, to follow the government advice related to children and adults who fall into a category of medical vulnerability. Please follow this link to check if your child or if someone in your immediate family are classified as ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ or ‘clinically vulnerable.’


a)  If your child or any member of your immediate family fall into the category of ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ then your child should remain at home for now because stringent social distancing cannot be maintained in school.

b) If your child falls into the category of ‘clinically vulnerable’ then you need to seek advice from your GP about their potential return to school.

c) If someone else in your family falls into the category of ‘clinically vulnerable’ then your child is allowed to return to school if you are happy for them to return.


If your child’s situation relates to a) or b) please inform us before your child is due to return to school. If they relate to b) please confirm that you have sought medical advice and are happy for your child to return to school.


If you are unsure of your child’s situation then please ring our school office for further advice.


Handwashing Advice

It is essential that everyone washes their hands more often, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand washing with soap employs mechanical action that loosens bacteria and viruses from the skin, rinsing them into the drain. Drying hands afterwards makes the skin less hospitable to the virus. Hand sanitiser can be effective if soap is not available or the situation makes using soap less feasible (i.e. when outside) but using hand sanitiser provides none of the virus-destroying friction that rubbing your hands together and rinsing with water provides.


The latest guidance and video on hand washing can be found at:

The latest information and advice from the Department for Education about keeping your child safe whilst using the Internet can be found on this link


The Nottinghamshire Mental Health Helpline is now available 9am-11pm 7 days per week for anyone of any age who needs emotional support or information about what help is available locally for people struggling with their mental health.  


Anyone living in Nottinghamshire can use the service. A team of supportive mental health workers are on hand to provide information and advice e.g. techniques that people can use to manage anxiety. They will also be able to direct people to other services where needed. The helpline website also includes useful information about a range of common mental health issues such as anxiety and low mood and how to promote feelings of wellbeing.


The helpline is being delivered by Turning Point. The helpline number is 0300 555 0730. For more information and mental health resources visit