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Who's Who

Head Teacher

Mr. Michael Wilson


Deputy Head Teacher

Mr. Philip Wise - Year 4 teacher


Teaching Staff
Miss Helen Sheard - Foundation Stage teacher

Mrs. Ruth Evans - Year 1 teacher

Mrs. Sarah Brudzinski - Year 1 teacher
Mrs. Rachael Nayar - Year 2 teacher

Mrs. Katherine Hodgson - Year 3 teacher/Senior Leader

Mr. Matthew Adcock - Year 5 teacher

Mrs. Jenny Wilson - Year 6 teacher

Mrs. Nicola Raynor - Year 6 teacher

Mrs. Claire Webb - PPA / supply teacher

Mrs. Stephanie Eves - SENCO, PPA teacher (maternity leave)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Rebecca Gregory 
Mrs. Debi Marsh
Mrs. Ann-Marie Sinfield
Mrs. Michelle Millership
Mrs. Jenny Ball
Mrs. Alison Walker (supply)

Miss Fern Whelpton (Apprentice)


Administration Staff

Mrs. Julie Kane - Office Manager
Mrs. Beverley Enever - Administrator


Site Staff

Mr. Brian Lyndsey-Hill - Site Manager
Mrs. Karen Bamforth - Cleaner
Mrs. Louise Chapman - Crossing Patrol Officer


Kitchen and Midday Supervisory Staff

Mrs. Jackie Hunt - Cook supervisor
Mrs.Tracy Stringer - Kitchen assistant
Mrs. Louise Chapman - Kitchen assistant
Mrs. Karen Bamforth - Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs. Carol Smith - Midday supervisory assistant
Ms. Jane Carver-Smith - Midday supervisory assistant
Ms Jacqueline Graham - Midday supervisory assistant
Mrs. Donna Worrall - Midday supervisory assistant



Breakfast Club and After School Care Staff

Mrs. Emma Breedon (Leader)
Mrs. Carol Smith